Cracked Concrete? Get It Fixed Fast.

Call on us for driveway, sidewalk and parking lot repairs in the Iowa & Lake Charles, LA area

A driveway with cracks and potholes can bring down the value of your home and could even cause damage to your car. Need a capable driveway repair service? Turn to Calcasieu Construction LLC. We can fix small cracks and gaps in your driveway or replace the entire surface. Your home will look more appealing in no time.

Fix up your driveway in the Iowa & Lake Charles, LA area by calling us at 337-263-9748 for driveway repair services.

Patch up pavement in public areas

Pavement in public areas gets a lot of use, so it will start showing signs of wear and tear before you know it. We can fill in cracks and potholes in pavement just about anywhere. Count on us for...

  • Road repairs
  • Parking lot repairs
  • Sidewalk repairs
  • Bridge repairs

Have customers complained about the condition of your parking lot? Make their visit more enjoyable by scheduling parking lot repair services today.