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Get started on a fully customized new residential construction project

In the market for a new home? Don't settle for a second-hand house that doesn't meet all your needs - invest in new residential construction. Calcasieu Construction LLC builds custom homes in Iowa, Lake Charles, LA and surrounding areas. Our team will meet with you to discuss the specifics of your ideal home, then do what it takes to make your ideas a reality.

Ready to discuss a new residential construction project? Call 337-263-9748 to speak with our builders.

Save when you hire us for your commercial construction project

Running a successful business is all about finding ways to save. Hiring us for a new commercial construction can:

  • Save you time - Our team works quickly and efficiently
  • Save you money - We offer our services at competitive prices
  • Save your sanity - We pay attention to detail to avoid making mistakes

Start saving today when you contact us to handle your new commercial construction project.